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"I genuinely left a piece of my heart"

Barbados Review

Hayley Rubery, of the Luxury Lifestyle blog ‘Frock Me I’m Famous’ headed over to experience life at Sandals Barbados. Take a look at her highlights below…


If you guys follow FMIF on social media (or read this blog post) then you’ll have seen that I was recently in Barbados for Cropover (AND OMFG IT WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE), during our trip we were lucky enough to stay at Sandals; you’ll understand why I say lucky once you’ve read on.

It's funny, because like me - you may have preconceived perceptions of Sandals. I was talking to someone the other day and telling them about my Barbados trip; I was gushing away about our stay at Sandals (barely coming up for air) when she interrupted and said "but why did you stay at Sandals?! That's for couples and honeymooners" - you thought the same thing, right? That Sandals was for 'older couples', or couples in general, or honeymooners, or a category that you don't fit into. Well, you're incorrect, because Sandals, for me; was a hotel for everyone. Yes, it's luxurious but there wasn't one point during my stay where it didn't feel like home. The stay made you feel so welcome, regardless of whether you're travelling alone, just got married or the richest man in the world. The hotel made us feel so incredibly welcome and it was a feeling I'll cherish for a long time (I can't see any hotel beating Sandals for a long time!).

We arrived at the resort with a welcome song from the incredible staff (which was possibly the nicest personal touch I’ve ever received from a hotel – they sing it to all of their guests). As we were staying in club rooms we got to make use of the club check in (plush sofas, champagne and snacks laid on for us which was incredible) although we’d been partying HARD the night before and didn’t feel quite like having to do human, the hotel was like a giant hug, a comfort blanket, a home from home in the middle of the Caribbean!


Having a cheeky poolside cocktail and the beautiful hotel exterior from the pool!

The spa reception was massive decor #GOALS - *may have to steal this this chair/cushion combo idea for my office!

The beautiful beach view from my balcony - it was the BEST feeling waking up to this every morning, there's no better sound that listening to the sea!

I LOVED the boudoir inspired sunbathing boots & chairs - the coolest pool I've ever seen!

'Home' is the best term for me to describe Sandals; never have I felt so at home whilst staying at a resort before - I genuinely left a piece of my heart!

Every evening I'd run myself a hot bath, pour a glass of vino and grab a good book and soak up those views… #LIFEGOALS!

Have you ever stayed at a Sandals resort before? Did you love it as much as me? Is it somewhere you'd consider visiting for a holiday?

Written by Hayley – all images and original post appeared on